Short Term Rentals

Professional Photos are a MUST

If you manage or own a short-term rental property (think AirBNB or VRBO), you understand that your property's photographs are the first impression that propsective renters have of your property. The human brain processes images faster than it processes words, which is why a visually appealing property automatically gets more interest and bookings than a property with less appealing images - even at a higher rental rate.

Don't just hire a Real Estate Photographer

Photos for short term rentals showcase different features than real estate listings

While hiring a professional real estate photographer may sound like a great fit, the reality is that short term vacation rentals are diffferent in two specific and immportant ways.

1. Short-term rentals need to showcase a different set of features than a real estate listing. That luggage rack? The fancy toiletries? The high-end coffee maker? The SmartTV? These types of amenities are extremely important when marketing a short-term vacation rental, but would be excluded from a typical real estate shoot. While these detail shots do require more time on site, they can often be the deciding factor for prospective renters. When hiring a photographer for the short-term rental, it is important to hire a photographer with experience in this specific type of photography.

2. Short-term rental photograpnhs are a long-term investment. Unlike real estate listing photos, short-term rental photos will be used long-term, securing guests (and income) for the property for years. These images should be held to a higher standard, and be licensed for extended long-term use.

Why choose bhamtours?

We know how to capture short-term rental photographs that showcase the property's strengths and individual features. We also have the ability to provide additional resources for your rental, including floor plans, aerial photography, and Matterport virtual tours. More information is available on these services: