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We photograph every interior space the and the exterior landscape, plus any details that make your listing unique, and take as many photographs as are necessary to capture the essence of the listing. We strive for a minimum of 32 photos for any listing. Virtual Tour scenes vary depending on which package was scheduled for the listing.

You will receive an email notifying you that the website is up and running, which includes the photographs and the virtual tour scenes. This email will also contain a link to download all the photos from our server. If you choose, we can upload the photos to the MLS for you as a courtesy, although this service can be delayed at times. Two DVDs are also available as an optional add-on.

On every property website, there are “print pdf flyer” buttons. Just click the button, and a pdf will be generated using the information from the MLS in real-time. It’s as easy as that! Please note that the MLS-Compliant version of the website does not allow for plyer printing (per MLS rles regarding branding).

Our standard turnaround time is 2 to 3 business days. If occasionally you are in a bind to meet a deadline, let us know. We can expedite the project for a small fee and get them back to you the following day before noon.

Obviously listings that are clean and/or staged nicely show better to potential customers. Although we can fix minor imperfections when we edit the photographs, a house that is clean and staged nicely photographs better, and will ultimately have a better online presence. Our rule of thumb for Realtors: a listing should be “open house ready” when we come to shoot the virtual tour and photographs.

It means we can upload and change existing photographs in the MLS. It also means that the property specific websites are linked to the data in the MLS, so any changes made about the listing in the MLS will automatically change on your listing’s website. This ensures your listing will have the best online presence, and you don’t have to worry about a thing!

We strive to leave your listing just as we found it, but we are insured just in case an accident happens.

We start by using only professional camera equipment on every photo shoot. This includes professional DSLR cameras, wide angle lenses, external lights and specialty tripods. We use tested and true methods, and industry best practices to capture the virtual tour scenes. We use a unique post-processing system to edit your images, ensuring that each photograph and virtual tour scene looks its absolute best. If you are ever unpleased with a picture, please let us know so we can get it just right for you.

We typically use the listing’s mailing address as the default URL for the property specific website. It makes it easy for our clients to market their listings, and for prospective customers to view listings. If you prefer some variation of the mailing address, let us know at the time of your photo shoot. If it is available, we will use it.

It is no surprise that your future buyer is shopping and evaluating homes online, so having a solid online presence for your listing is paramount to getting in noticed. From our experience in the field and working with Realtors, we have seen several effective and creative strategies on how to incorporate the listing specific website as a part of your marketing strategy. Some of the best and easiest are: link the URL to a professional website or social media outlets, use yard signs or sign riders, use it as a part of a listing presentation. Also, check out our blog for the latest online marketing strategies.

While we prefer sunny days and blue skies we know that the weather sometimes doesn’t provides us with optimal shooting conditions. Most of the time, even if it rains, we can photograph what we need on the inside. We will photograph front shots and exteriors when the weather clears and the schedule permits. Our goal is for you to have the best photographs available for your listing.

YES! All components of the website, including the virtual tours, that bhamtours builds for each listing works on iPhones, Androids, and iPads and other tablets. In fact we encourage people to use their mobile devices by putting a sign rider in the yard with a QR code and SMS information.

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