Wide Angle Photography

Great Real Estate photography does not come from a Point and Shoot Camera or Phone. Period.

The overwhelming majority of real estate agents shoot their own listing photographs with digital “point-and-shoot” cameras or their cell phones.

While many of the newer consumer model “point-and-shoot” cameras can create good snapshot photos, they lack specific features needed for real estate photography. As a result, most photos on the MLS focus on one area of a room (rather than the room as a whole), and have serious lighting issues. Even entry level DSLRs are not typically equipped to handle the indoor real estate photography task.

Professional Photography is the MOST IMPORTANT tool buyers use to evaluate a home - even more thatn detailed property information,

statistics from 2013 NAR Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers

What About Fisheye Lenses?

Fisheye lenses offer an extremely wide angle view, but bring a lot of distortion into the image (think of the security peephole effect). Rooms are going to look distorted, and most home shoppers are not looking for a Dr. Seuss interior space.

The Bottom Line

Unless you are willing to drop thousands of dollars on a camera system and the necessary training, you’re not going to get you the results you want for real estate photography. We’ve already made those investments, and we’re thousands of homes into the learning curve already. Let our equipment, experience, and expertise work to your advantage.

Lighting, angles, and wide angle lenses are a must-have for any real estate professional photography.